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It’s Simple... The Rapid Success Hypnosis Masterclass is a 2-Day Journey That Will Reward You For The Rest Of Your Life …
Just 2 Days is all you need to Learn the Proven Strategies and Tools to IMPROVE ALL Areas 
of Your Life! 
Rapid Success Mindset Techniques that can help you achieve CHANGE Faster and More Easily than Anything You've EVER Tried Before!
Gold Coast Queensland 7th - 8th Sept 2024
From: Darren Stephens
Gold Coast Australia

What if you could spend two intimate days in an awesome life-changing program, in the  company of a small group of amazing people all on the same path as you, dedicated to changing their lives, and others lives , for the better...


I am proud and excited to announce that applications are now open with limited places to this exclusive two day powerful Rapid Success Masterclass. 

 Join me for a once in a life time personal life changing experience.

Learn From One of The World’s Fastest Hypnotists.

Imagine Right Now... 

...How it would be to hypnotise anyone, easily.  ...How it would be to drop a whole group of people into trance without concern or stress.    ...How it would feel if someone invited you to speak on stage. Think about hearing the sound of the applause, noticing the audience clapping after your AMAZING presentation, realising how good you feel depositing a nice cheque into your bank account for doing something you enjoy. Imagine making life altering breakthroughs for your clients and  feeling proud that you have done such a brilliant job that people are raving about you.

Your Life Cannot Help Being Propelled To Higher Levels…

The Hypnosis Rapid Success Masterclass could be a very powerful way for you to finally deal with personal, physical, health, or relationship challenges, issues and goals you've never been able to successfully deal with before.

It can help you uncover blind spots in your behaviour, business, health or thinking that you can now effectively deal with.

Unlike other programs, this program is highly personalised and  engineered to teach you the  very latest Neuro- Sensory Rhythms, advanced Strategic Mind Messaging and combined Creative Visualizations for mental fitness ensuring the delivery of successful results and transformation.

This program can help make your career path faster, easier, more fulfilling. It can help you have more fun.  It can also transform your personal life and help you excel at whatever specific goals you want to set for yourself.

When your brain waves are balanced so is your life...
Listen to What a Hollywood Actress Had to Say...
Jeannine Kaspar
Award Winning Hollywood Actress
What's This 2 Day Masterclass All About...
My name is Darren Stephens, and my “Rapid Success Technology - Hypnosis Masterclass” is something I love and I'm extremely passionate about. 

I have had the privilege to work with people in over 35 countries helping them Achieve More Success, More Wealth, Better Health and Personal Fulfillment.   

 I still have a burning passion to make a difference to as many people as possible so I have distilled down the art and science of what it takes to make Rapid Change take place at the unconscious level.

Never have all the critical elements, all the processes and wisdom you need, been brought together so systematically to allow you once and for all to accelerate the process of achieving the life you want and dream about.

You will be blown away with the results, ideas, vision and opportunities, for yourself, your business and your family - results that might have previously seemed inconceivable to you.

If you're reading this page right now, then YOU have an opportunity to be one of the 20 Lucky People that I will teach  these powerful skills to. 

NOW is the time to take Action and learn my secret methods so you have the skills to change not only your life but also those people you want to impact with your message.

I will guarantee you, that through my hypnosis abilities and my rapid change systems, that my expertise will assist you to deliver extremely impressive results. 
What You'll Learn at the Masterclass...
  • Preparing the subject for instant trance  Key words you MUST say that makes them easily drop into trance
  •  Rapid Success Technique "RST" Induction  You'll learn my AWESOME hybrid, fast induction technique (you will drop 'em like flies with this explosive induction)
  •  How to start to hypnotise your subjects before they even get on stage! (yes, you will hypnotise them before they even realise it!) 
  • How to use hypnosis in a business meeting or presentation (Knowing this can make all the difference to getting what you want)
  • Arm Pull induction  This is a Super Powerful rapid induction that will leave people watching spellbound
  •  Hand Drop induction   You'll use this with people sitting in a chair for safety
  • Handshake Interrupt induction (Made Famous by Dr Richard Bandler)
  • Dave Elman Induction  He was one of the most famous Hypnotists working with Medical Doctors and this is a powerful induction you need to know
  • “Ambush” style inductions
  • How to Do a Highly effective group induction  no matter how big or small your group is
  • EKG Induction  You'll learn the hybrid, fast induction technique for stage or group hypnosis sessions
  •  Easy ways to determine depth of trance (I will supply you with the Arons Hypnotic Depth Scale)
  • Master Hypnotist Secret Deepeners that REALLY work quickly on your client
  •  Types of music to use (you should use different types of music for different situations)
  • What to do if you fail to hypnotise your subjects (nobody has the guts to tell you the truth about this!)
  •  How to determine your participants' depth of trance in a demonstration setting (never choose the wrong person for a Demo again)

  •  How To Put Someone into a Deep Amnesia Creating Trance (They won't remember a thing! )
  • Negative reactions to your induction (you will know how to deal with abreactions and more importantly, how to spot one before it's too late!)
  •  Safety considerations when it comes to working with your clients
  • Understand Global And Universal Energy And Its Impact On Both You and Your Business It’s these distinctions that make all the difference to your success
  • My Personal Secrets To Financial, Emotional and Spiritual Abundance
  • The Fastest And Simplest Way To Decharge Stress And Negative Emotions  Learn how Great leaders power through each and every day
  • How To Get Clarity On Your Dreams and Give Yourself The Roadmap And Blueprint To Make Them A Reality
  • Plus So Much More...
The Last Event SOLD OUT in Just 12 Days and Here's Why...
Just Imagine Having These Powerful Skills in Just 2 Days!!
" I was blown away with the skills I learnt in just 2 days - a totally life changing experience"
"Darren was Awesome and I was shocked that by day two I was doing Rapid Inductions"
"The best training I have ever attended  & it was worth my time and money to fly to Australia"

Experience A Comprehensive Masterclass Turning
​Decades Into Days From The Basics To Super Advanced 

Hypnosis Masterclass - New Unique "Road Map"

Learn the Art & Science of Rapid Hypnosis from one of the Worlds Fastest Hypnotists.

No matter your level of experience you will gain all the knowledge you need and you'll gain decades of wisdom in just 2 days. Will be sharing New little known secrets that are unique and you'll have never have seen them before.

We hold your hand every step of the way and this is why the class is strictly limited to only 20 students. 

The Success Library - Resell Rights

As a part of your program you'll get the resell rights to promote and sell the international "Success Library" which is full of over 40 + Personal Enhancement programs to help people in all areas of life.

This covers topics from Wealth, Health, Success, Relationaships, Weight loss, Pregnancy, Confidence, Stress, Anixety, Wellbeing, Motivation and so much more.

You'll earn massive 50% of the profits and this can create a huge passive income stream for yourself.

Two Professional Training Certifications 

After you have successfully completed the 2 day Masterclass 
you'll recieve two prestigious framed Certifications from 
the "International Institute of Hypnosis"

This is something you should be really proud of because of what you have achieved in over the 2 jam-packed days

12 Months LIVE Mentoring Support

After your training you'll recieve 12 months of live group monthly coaching and mentoring support by Darren Stephens.

This wil give you the opportunity to have direct access to Darren so he can answer your most burning questions and help you overcome whatever life throws at you.

These sessions also allows Darren to guide you to develop a millionaire mind, become a money-magnet using the power of your thoughts and set yourself up for success.

Darren's experience will help you grow your passive income streams from the Success Library System.

Comprehensive Training Manuals

At the training you'll recieve a Comprehensive Training Manual with over 200 pages of power menthods and road maps to create rapid change.

You'll also recieve specialised Hypnosis Training and induction scripts Manual

But wait there's more, you'll also get a complete "Hypnotherapy Scripts Volume 1" 
this contains over 130 Hypnosis scripts that you can use with your clients after your training
so you should have everything you need all in one place.

Stage Hypnosis System - Las Vegas & EKG Show

While the focus of the Masterclass is on Hypnosis for Personal change and peak performance, Darren brings to the class the experience of having hypnotized thousands of people in stage and event hypnosis environments.

Stage Hypnosis can be powerful ally if your a speaker, author, coach or presenting to groups or business meetings as these techniques can influence your audience to take action.

You'll learn Stage hypnosis show techiques that you can customise for presenting to business meetings or friends or offer it as a professional service.

Dr Richard Bandler - Advance Rapport & NLP 

Discover the Most Advanced Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Design Human Engineering System in the world.

Dr Bandler was the co-creator of NLP has personally trained Darren Stephens in these advanced human change technologies in both London and Amercia.

You will experince these ground breaking Neuro-Hypnotic Repatterning  systems first hand and it will give you total control of your mind & life.

The "Dave Elman Induction" - Rapid Hypnosis

Discover the classic process that will confidently hypnotise up to 99% of the people you meet!.

You'll learn the famous "Dave Elman Induction" which is a process-based approach that allows flexibility and creativity to use Rapid Inductions on your clients.

You'll also learn how to modify this strategy so you can use it in workshops, seminars, keynote talks or business meetings.

Being able to do a quick 10 second test to see how fast someone will go into Hypnosis is a powerful tool and this is where you'll learn the "Spiegel Eye Roll" Test
this gives you a huge advantage when working with clients.

Time Line Therapy  & Phobia Cure Technique 

You'll learn Time Line Therapy techniques which are a unique and unmatched method for creating powerful change in business, education, and therapy. 

Time Line works with clients unconscious minds in a variety of ways; including , healing emotional traumas and eradicating unwanted thoughts, emotions and behaviours.

This has been used by thousands of people including psychiatrists, psychologists, marriage & family counselors, life and business coaches, and even athletic coaches.

A Complete Set of "Business Forms & Templates"

As a part of the Masterclass we will provide you all the Business Forms and Templates you need to start working with clients.

These forms have been professional designed and you can customise them with your own brand and logos to make them your own.

This will save you both a huge amount of Time and Money and because we've done all the work for you.  You can get started right away.

Plus So Much More...

Grow or Start a New Profession Helping Others Achieve Success, While Building a Profitable Business & Career...

Watch What Clients Have Said...

This Hypnosis Masterclass Training Will Meet The Needs Of 
Anyone With An Interest In Helping Others

Grow Your Own Part-Time or Full-Time Business

People Who Have Already Benefit From Our Powerful Trainings Include:

  • Life & Business Coaches
  • Hypnotherapists
  • NLP Trainers
  • ​Authors
  • ​Sports People
  • Medical Doctors
  • Nurses & Paramedics
  • Psychologists
  • ​Psychics
  • ​Social Workers
  • Business Owners & Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Real Estate Agents
  • ​Marketing & IT professionals
  • ​...and many more!

Everything You Get When You Join The
Mindset Mastery Program Today:

  • Rapid Success Technology (RST) Hypnosis Masterclass ................................. ( $6,997 Value )
  • 12 Months  of Monthly LIVE Q & A Sessions ....................................................... ( $9,997 Value )
  • ​Two Professional Course Certifications .............................................................. ( Priceless )
  • ​Complete Hypnosis Scripts Manual ..................................................................... ( $197 Value )
  • ​Professional Stage Hypnosis Program ................................................................. ( $297 Value )
  • Instant & Rapid Inductions Tool Box .................................................................... ( $297 Value )
  • Business Forms & Templates, Social Media Templates ................................... ( $449 Value )

BONUS! The Success Library Resell Rights-Business in Box ................................ ( $11,995 Value )
BONUS! Customised Professional Website for Success Library ........................... ( $1,997 Value )
BONUS! Networking Dinner & Celebration with Graduates .................................. ( $197 Value )

Total Value: $32,423


This Offer is Strictly Limited & Only 20 Places Available - No Exceptions

Date:     7th - 8th Sept 2024
Venue: Gold Coast - Surfers Paradise
Hear The Results of What Others Achieved...
Here's What To Do Next ...
Reserve Your Place for One of the Limited 20 Spots
Like I mentioned before, this "Hypnosis Master Class" Event will change YOUR life! All I ask is that you give me 2 Days to show you how. I will be revealing what you need to know to massively increase your ability to create Rapid Change, Influence Business Growth and ultimately create Financial Freedom!

I'm looking to teach 20 people of high integrity...People who are good at keeping their word...People who are prepared to take action and join me for these 2 exciting life changing information drenched days...

Our Rock Solid, NO RISK TO YOU Guarantee
I personally 100% guarantee that you'll love this workshop and you'll be able to Hypnotise people, or I'll give you your money back and you will have had 2 days of amazing content on us.

That's right. If at the end of the 2 days you're not able to Hypnotise someone using our New Unique Rapid Hypnosis system like we promised, just tell me at the event at the end of the second day and I'll give you back your money with no questions asked.

Sound fair?
This Is Truly A Limited Offer, So Claim Your Ticket Now Before They're All Gone...
There has never been a better time than Right Now to take your rightful place in the world… to dominate your niche… to make a real difference in the world… and to get rightfully paid what you’re worth

Join us for these 2 amazing days and make this your reality.

Thanks again, and we're SO excited to see you at the event!
Darren Stephens
Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker and One of the World's Fastest Hypnotists
PS   If You have any questions at all please feel free to call our office on 1300 202 404
Hypnosis Master Class Event FAQ's...
What are the dates of the "Hypnosis Master Class" event?
The event will run for 2-Days - Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th Sept 2024. Registration begins at 8.30am on day 1.
Where will the event be held?
Mantra Legends - 25 Laycock St, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217
What if I need accommodation?
There will be rooms available at the Hotel. Or you can choose from many of the other hotels in Melbourne that are within easy walking distance of the venue. 
What do I need to bring?
   - Pens
   - A jacket or something warm you can take on and off (The conference room will be kept cool)
   - Business cards for networking
   - A good attitude and an open mind with a willingness to learn powerful new skills
Will there be food and drink provided?
We will provide morning and afternoon tea, coffee and snacks. There are many cafes and restaurants within walking distance where you can buy lunch.
There will be a group dinner on the friday night which is provided by us.
Do I need any prior experience or knowledge of Hypnosis
No you don't need prior experience as you will be taught the skills you need and you'll need to practise them during and after the event to sharpen your new skill set.
Will I get to do rapid and instant inductions at the training
Yes you will be doing lots of hands on practise over the 2 days plus you will be hypnostising people at the event.
Who is Darren Stephens?
Over the past 25 years Darren through his consulting, international speaking events, marketing systems and psychological work has transformed the lives of millions of people from all walks of life, from fortune 500 CEO's to celebrities, presidents, members of royalty, authors, speakers and elite sports athletes and champions.
Phone: 1300 202 404
PO Box 241 Surfers Paradise QLD  4217 Australia
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